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About Diesel Specialties

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Diesel Specialties Services Include:

  • Maintaining one of the largest inventories of exchange pumps, turbos and nozzles in the country
  • Large inventory of exchange units to minimize downtime
  • Accurately calibrating your pump for peak performance
  • Rebuilding both new and older, obsolete fuel systems, that other shops cannot service
  • Improving performance and horsepower on light trucks and tractors
  • Providing drive-in service in Sioux City, Iowa

Our Experience

Our team of pump technicians average over 13 years of experience and use the latest test equipment available from Robert Bosch. Our management team averages over 20 years of experience. We utilize the latest diagnostic tools and equipment for GM, Ford and Dodge in our drive in service bays.

We are also home to The Schroeter Diesel Technology Museum. The museum's collection includes items that have come from previous collections and various locations across the United States, including the archives of the Association of Diesel Specialists trade association, other member locations and numerous manufacturers.

We are also an active member of The Association of Diesel Specialists - the worldwide diesel industry's leading trade association, dedicated to the highest level of service on diesel fuel injection and related systems.